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You can find answers to frequently asked questions about We Listen and our services on this page. If your question is not answered here, then you can get in touch with our specialists today to discuss your queries.

I don’t feel sad, anxious, or worried all the time; should I be accessing a talking therapy?

Yes! It’s important to access our services as soon as you can and not leaving it until you’re feeling at your worst. Our free NHS talking therapies really can make a huge different to your mental health if accessed as soon as you start feeling your symptoms.

How do I access a local talking therapy?

You can do this one of two ways. You can either self-refer – simply find your nearest service provider, contact one of our local partners in your area and complete our assessment process. Or you can go to your GP or other health care provider and ask them to refer you directly to us.

What’s involved in the assessment process?

Our assessment process is a way for us to chat with you and work out which of our free NHS talking therapies are best suited to helping you with your mental health. It involves a member of our team talking this through over a call or video chat – really is as simple as that.

Will I have to wait a long time to start my talking therapy?

Our waiting list time vary, based on your circumstances and availability of the best talking therapy for you locally. We are commissioned by the NHS to work to 95% of all our treatments being started within 18 weeks long. We also offer a range of self-help mindfulness activities which you can complete ahead of staring your talking therapy too.

What is IAPT?

IAPT stands for Improving Access to Psychological Therapies. Talking therapies are a part of the ways in which IAPT services can be access to ensuring better mental health for everyone.

Who are the We Listen team?

We’re a partnership of eight existing NHS providers of talking therapies, all based within the Kent area. We all provide a wide range of talking therapies and can help you access the professional support you need close to where you live or work.